Saturday, April 08, 2006

Washing the car always makes it rain

We've been having a bit of a dry spell lately. It's been almost a month since our last rain. My new car was looking very dusty yesterday, so I drove it through a touchless car wash to make it shiny again. Normally I would have scrubbed it down myself, but that would probably break the cardinal rule of "never get the cast wet," so I chose to go with the car wash this time. So I washed my car yesterday. Today, we had a thunderstorm. It looks like it's moving through now, going somewhere else, but the fact that it came just after I washed my car is no coincidence. Which makes me think I should have washed my car sooner. Oh well.

My boss claims she's going crazy because she "paid for an imaginary friend" at lunch the other day. Basically that means the restaurant charged her for an extra person and she didn't catch it. I love when she does something out of the ordinary, because she tells everyone about it in a really funny, boisterous manner that just makes everyone laugh. It really creates a great working environment, especially during stressful times when we would be snapping at each other but can't because we're too busy laughing.

Ankle update: I'm actually not feeling well today, mostly because of the ankle but also because of my right knee. It's starting to really feel the extra use. I'm going to spend the day lounging in bed, watching DVDs and wishing I could be on a deserted island somewhere. Maybe my X-Files season 6 DVD set will arrive. I haven't watched the season 6 episodes since they aired. If it does arrive today, I'll have to do a marathon. Or maybe I'll just sleep.

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