Writing Prompts

I'm going to try to work my way through these journal topics when there is nothing interesting to write about. I'll try to do one a week at least.

What strengths have you developed over your life?
Explore a memory from childhood, finding all the details you can.
What do you do to let others know you love them?
Do you believe in a higher power? Describe what you believe.
What's troubling you?
Describe the first time you remember saying I love you to someone outside of your family.
I will never forgive ___________for_____________
Describe what is going on around you right now in detail.
Tell me about things that are red.
What do you feel is dangerous?
Do you go out to eat alone, to the movies? Why or why not?
Describe what kind of judge you would be?
How attractive are you?
If you saw someone commit a crime, what would you do?
What has it taken to allow you to be who you are today?
Write a letter to yourself as a child
What are some of the things you would not share with anyone, no matter what?
I have always wanted _______ to play me in the movie about my life because
I am not going to go back to ___________again, because
Who are you?
What in your life do you doubt?
What has inspired you to hold on when all looked lost?
The following beliefs, values and principles guide me…
What experiences have you had that you can attribute to a higher power?
Who do you need to forgive?
In what small way have you been loving today
I think…
Name as many relatives as you can and talk about how your relationships are or were
If I had the courage to speak my mind, I would say…
To be more mature today, I will…
Tell me about your morning routine. How did you come about to adopt it.
What rituals do you have or hold?
What stops you from being creative?
Who helped you learn to love?
Talk about a time when you hated someone or something.
What are your thoughts on suicide?
What are your ideas about cleanliness?
Would you like your friends and family to be brutally honest?
Are you intelligent, how so?
What do you wear to bed? What lead you to choose that?
Are you or are the others crazy?
What has it taken to allow you to possess what you have today?
Write to yourself as an older person
Imagine a smell. What is that smell?
What do angels look like?
Talk about your birth, where, when, what events surrounded your birth.
I would call my Autobiography _____________________________because.
Today what I like about my life is?
Write a list of things you really enjoy doing:
Do you take in positive experiences or complements
I am __________kind of woman. Explore this.
Who can you blame?
What angers do you hold towards others?
Describe unconditional love; Describe an experience you have had with unconditional love.
Examine if you avoid dealing with loss or pain, describe the reasons you do that.
What are some of the phrases you heard as a child that helped?
I trust….
Describe a place that you really love in detail.
How did you learn about sex?
Who would you really like to get to know?
What are the rewards for being creative?
What has sustained you through the hard times?
What songs do you sing in the shower?
Could you be brutally honest with family and friends?
What makes you look sexy?
Talk about sleeping.
What would the world be like if men bore the children?
Write about what you sow you reap.
What qualities do you have?
Have an imaginary dialogue with a famous person, or a role model
Describe the ideal peaceful place for you.
What does it meant to you to be enlightened?
If you could be a person from history, who would you be and why?
Write a list of 101 things you want to do in your life:
Do you remember the positive experiences with other after they are gone?
What matters in your life?
What are you thankful for?
Around other people I am…
What are some of the phrases you heard as a child that hurt?
You are a human being, worthy of…
Talk about the concept of "Leaving"
Describe when you have been most scared.
Describe the flavor of your favorite food.
Describe a time when you played.
Under what conditions would you kill?
If a comet were headed for earth that will end life, as we know it, what would you do until it came?
Who would be you choose for a lover, if you had no guilt about your choice.
What would it like to be famous?
If you could have the body of anyone, whom would you choose?
Would you want to watch someone being executed?
What would you like to dream about?
What if you were more attractive, or uglier? How would you be different?
What are the rules of the games, and what is the purpose in following them?
In what ways are you still effected by childhood problems?
What have you lost during your life?
What emotions surface during thunderstorms?
Recall some events that happened before the age of six
Who is your complete opposite, and what is that person like?
Make a list of important days in your life
Talk about one of your work experiences
What word describes what you are searching for?
I would like to be this kind of person…
In the silence I find…
I stop myself from feeling good when…
List all of the words you associate with the word "space"
I am willing to….
What violence have you experienced in life?
How is life unfair?
Talk about a favorite teacher
Talk about when you did something dumb.
What is your favorite fantasy? What have you done to make it happen?
Talk about the responses you get from why questions.
Under what conditions would you steal?
If you could choose your own death, what would you choose, describe your choice?
Would prefer a girl or boy child? Would you like to have the choice to determine the gender of the child?
What do you think about capital punishment?
What would it be like to be blind?
If you could find out the truth about one thing, what would you want to know?
When I have a problem, I ...
How would you describe your self worth?
Have you ever damaged anything, on purpose or accidentally?
What emotions surface when you see small children?
What in your life has made you feel the most powerful?
Detail some events that took place wile you were in grades 1st - 6th
What vegetable would you be and what makes you choose that one?
What a day that helped change your sense of self, what happened that day
If I could design the perfect work mate or peer, they would be ...
Did you know that before you were born…?
What does it mean to you to be creative?
I am grateful for my body today because…
I know I will be ready to die when…
What should others do to make you happy?
Describe what is happening in your body right now.
What compassion have you experienced in life?
Ask for what you want. I want…
Describe the street you live on.
Describe when you have had an experience with your higher power.
If you could live your life over, what would you change? Talk about that in detail.
What makes you excited?
I write because I am…
Talk about your belief or disbelief in ghosts, angels or spirits.
Describe your most frightening dream.
What would be the worst torture for you?
Could you give your life for another? Under what conditions?
What do you pray about?
If you lost everything you own, how would you cope?
You can tell I am playing around when I…
Describe your feelings around the death of someone you knew
What in your life has made you feel the weakest?
What sort of things do you recall from being a teenager?
What fruit would you be and why that fruit?
Has anything you have tried to change remained the same, if so what was it?
Tell one of your favorite stories about yourself.
What makes you laugh?
What gets your most attention?
I would like to give more time/effort to…
Talk about how you are not your feelings.
I am suspicious of….
For you what is the difference between wants and needs?
What books or movies have changed your life?
What is your favorite musical or play? What is it about that production that you like?
If you were to die in a year and were able to make amends to all you needed to, who would make amends to?
Describe your favorite dream.
Talk about your thoughts and feelings about Aids.
What is your worst habit?
Do you think you live better or worst than most the people you know?
What was the last compliment you received?
Talk about your childhood experiences with holidays.
What kinds of things aren't you good at?
What are your primary relationships?
What does your pain feel like?
Describe the experiences with death that you have had?
What good thing have you done today?
What was your first job, and how much did you make?
What animal would you be and what qualities help you make that choice?
I have only experienced _______once in my life
I really prefer that ________is like it is today, rather than the way it was when I was growing up.
I want to be remembered for…
What makes you feel like you are guilty?
Children should…
What thought is constantly pressing for attention today?
I accept as my responsibility…
What is causing me to feel ___________?
I have a right to my anger because…
Describe your first puppy love.
I want… because I need…
Talk about your grandparents
Tell of a time when you had to be able to physically endure
Talk about "If you walk in the mist, you get wet"
What do you eat when you are in love?
Pick any topic and write on it
Talk about your belief about children being mistakes.
Talk about your choice in friends.
Which disease would you cure if you were given the power to end one disease?
What makes you feel most secure?
Under what conditions would you approve of an abortion?
Are you trustworthy?
Have you ever wanted to kill anyone?
Where do you go to find inspiration? Describe it?
Describe in detail each of your primary supportive relationships?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
What is it to be alive?
Describe your solution to world hunger. Is there such a thing?
What was the most difficult subject in school for you, talk about what made it so.
If you could be any non-living thing, what would you want to be…?
You know that same thing has happened over and over to me. Describe what happens.
It was better when I was growing up because of….
What is it like to be touched by someone you love? Describe that feeling.
When criticized I feel…
Neighbors should…
I like to be alone because…
What could you do to open your heart today…?
What conflicts do I have inside right now?
I have a right to be sad because…
How have you ended relationships?
Talk about the light that you see outside right now
Talk about your parents
Write about a random line from any book you just open up.
Talk about why you write or journal.
What part of your body is most sensuous
Who is your ultimate audience for your writing?
If you could have chosen your gender, which would you have chosen and what leads you to that choice?
What food won't you eat, no matter what?
Would you donate an organ? Which one? Under what conditions?
What would it take for you to walk naked down the street?
Would you like to be informed of the circumstances of your death, including when?
Is your life impacting others?
Would you ever have an affair? What is your value about affairs?
Open the dictionary and pick a word at random, write your journal entry about that word.
What in life gives you pain?
Create a story around a family event
Talk about animals…
How much should we sacrifice to say an animal?
What subject was the easiest for you in school, what motivated to love that subject?
I love the color ________. It reminds me of…
What things have you desired and then received?
When I think about Jealousy I…
What do you do when you feel stuck?
People should…
I don't like to be alone because…
Record your favorite poem.
What kind of help do you need to resolve your feelings?
I have a right to be happy because…
What did your partner bring out in you during the relationship?
I remember…
Talk about your extended family.
Write a letter to a best friend.
What qualities do you like in a friend?
Describe a time when you felt erotic.
Free write about Love
If you could be given one skill or ability, which would you want?
Describe a time when you were drunk.
What is on time in your opinion?
If you could change your sex, would you? Talk about your answer.
What should people not make fun of?
How much touch is comfortable with you? With family? With friends? With strangers?
If someone looked in your top drawer of your dresser, what would they learn about you?
Do you ever challenge the rules? Describe on instance.
What was it like to be a child?
Imagine that you could be invisible in any scene you wanted what would it be?
How close can someone stand to you? What does it feel like when someone is too close?
What does the love of a pet feel like?
My spiritual life today is…
Describe your favorite piece of music.
I don't think that I will ever get to do…
I wish I done…
Behind my anger is…
Who makes decisions in your life, talk about that some.
What is it like to be dependant on others
In the eyes of my ideal lover I am…
Write a new poem.
How can you ask for help?
How is your anger and rage different; the same?
Without my relationship with ________I would _________.
Talk about something you feel intensely about…
Tell me about the night sky
Talk about "Teach in order to learn"
Using words to show a picture, describe the world you live in.
Explore the concept of "Nothingness"
What topics do you avoid talking about, and what is that about?
What could you do to help others today?
Talk about your feelings about drugs.
What are you willing to do for wealth?
When in your life have you experienced the most growth?
What is it like to cry?
What one thing in your life do you regret the most?
What would you like to be remembered for?
Recall a dream you had, How did you feel in the dream?
Who listened to you during your life?
Who do you get along with in your family?
What do you look for to tell if someone loves you?
Imagine you are present as an adult at your birth, what would your thoughts be?
List 15 people who have help shape who you are today, either positively or negatively
I really like the musician __________because
Tell of a time you got a wish that you then wished you hadn't gotten
On thing I liked about my mother when she was a child was…
My life will be better when…
How do you best relax, describe the process.
What is it like to be independent?
What I like best about being by myself is…
What do you need more than intimacy?
When I see ____________, I think of….
Write about what it feels like to listen intently to someone else.
My definition of intimacy is…
Pick any color and write about where you have seen that color today, and what feelings that brings up.
Tell me about experiences at the beach
Where do you come from?
Talk about what success is to you.
Why should you write?
What has sustained your soul?
Do you prefer being with men or women?
If you could have only one possession, what would you choose, talk about your choice?
What was your best Christmas present?
Have you ever sought revenge? What did you do?
When was the last time you said something you did not mean?
When did you stop believing in Santa Claus?
What is the meaning of life to you?

  • My childhood Best Friend.
  • Clothing styles when I was 16.
  • We went camping....
  • A typical Saturday for me.
  • My very first memory
  • at Grandma's House....
  • My favorite road trip
  • The first time I kissed a boy
  • Going to the county fair.
  • Christmas as a kid
  • My childhood house
  • My favorite home as an adult
  • When I got engaged..
  • Donuts
  • What we did all summer.
  • If I had a day all to myself.
  • Visiting a foreign country
  • My hairstyles.
  • The first time I sewed...
  • Christmas as a mom.
  • Reading books to my kids.
  • My wedding day.
  • Foods I love.
  • Foods I hate.
  • When I was 12....
  • Childhood pet.
  • Sports I can play.
  • I cried.
  • Grandpa.
  • 5 things I wish I'd done, but I was too scared to.
  • the first time I voted.
  • our childhood car.
  • I lied.
  • A trip to the beach.
  • I was in the school play.
  • Hidden talents.
  • songs I still have memorized.
  • the price of food from a grocery store.
  • Someone I love passed away.