Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 months to go!

Just wanted to commemorate the fact that today, August 30, marks two months to go!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just had to share these recent puppy photos!  I swear, these two are just like children!

Kaylee smiling.

Emo Simon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Journal Topic: Judge Anita

Describe what kind of judge you would be.

Judge not, least ye also be judged.  It's in the Bible, yet so many Christians are very bad about judging others.  I try really hard not to be one of those people.  I believe I have enough flaws to deal with in myself without trying to point out the flaws of others.  So in real life, I do not like to judge.

However, if I were an actual judge, if that were my job, I would be very different.  I do believe in mercy, but if someone breaks the law, they deserve to be punished.  I've seen too many families, too many children destroyed by an irresponsible role model who taught them that a life of crime is the only way to live.

So that's basically what my philosophy would be if I were a judge.  Of course, there are lots of technicalities and considerations when judging people in that capacity, and I would be a fair judge in that respect, always looking at all the sides and angles, but in the end, if someone is guilty beyond all doubt, I would certainly advocate punishing them in the most severe possible way.  Especially if they have done it more than once or if the crime was violent or against children or animals.  

Friday, August 05, 2011

Journal Topic: Alone

Do you go out to eat alone, to the movies? Why or why not?

When I was single, I did this quite a bit. In fact, almost every week when I was in college I went to a movie because I reviewed them for the college newspaper.  I did not always have a companion and I didn't not want one every time I went.  There's something nice about being by yourself to do things that you would normally do with other people.  It gives you some perspective and the opportunity to people watch.  And we know how much I love to people watch!  

Now, when I do go out alone, I use my phone as a distraction.  I tend to play a game while waiting for my food, or read a book using the pretty awesome Nook software.  Or I may have my actual Nook with me in which case I will read from it.  I really have a lot of reading to catch up on!  

Of course now, I have a companion most of the time and it's really pretty awesome going out with him.  Most of the time, if we are going out for dinner we are together.  But I still do lunch by myself sometimes, and that's nice too.