Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not all sunshine and rainbows...

This is the text from an email I sent to a friend who had a baby several months ago.  She asked me how I've been feeling and boy, did I let her have it!  I will say this: overall, pregnancy has been pretty awesome.  But yeah, it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

I'm completely miserable, lol.  Feeling very overwhelmed right now with everything we still need to do.  There are boxes and there is random furniture all around the house.  And while I know I need to unpack some when I get home, I just feel so exhausted when I get home that I want to sit still for a few hours and then go to sleep.  

But then I can't sleep.  It's just too uncomfortable.  And I can't sit for a long time or stand for a long time or lay down for a long time.  My back hurts, my legs hurt, and I think my knees are swollen.  I've never been this heavy and my body hates me for it.  And my boobs have started hurting again.  My sinuses are constantly swollen, so I can't breathe through my nose, which means I have a constant sore throat from mouth-breathing at night under the ceiling fan.  But I need the ceiling fan because I'm always extremely hot.  Like an "I want to take off all my clothes and lay in a bathtub filled with ice" kind of hot.  And when I do manage to get comfortable enough to go to sleep, I have awful dreams where I wake up and am covered in blood and Jon just looks at me and says "it's not a big deal, go back to sleep."  

My head hurts all the time now too.  Not sure what that's about.  I'm bored with everything at work and it's torture sitting here pretending to care.  Because I really, really don't care about anything at this point.  The dogs are irritating me to no end.  Every time Simon barks in the house I want to scream.  

I'm honestly surprised Jon hasn't been sleeping at the rental house.  I've turned into preggosaurus.  

What's funny is, I know it's all worth it.  And I know it is worse for some women than it has been for me.  So I'm trying to keep all that in perspective.  I do sometimes daydream about being able to go to sleep now and wake up in October, just in time for delivery.  But then who would make the crib quilt and the knit blanket and the curtains for the nursery, not to mention some of the wall art I really want to do?  And who would help Jon unpack all the boxes?  So yeah, it's not the most fun time right now, but it's temporary and I know it will all go away soon.

Vent over.  Lol.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: Who do you talk to?

Who do you regularly talk with and share your pregnancy details with? 

I am eternally grateful for the ladies online, in The Pumpkin Patch.  It's the October birth club that I found on a pregnancy website, and we even have a facebook group.  These are the ladies I talk to most about this pregnancy because I know they will understand and can relate.  We share symptoms and stories about our husbands and our lives.  It's pretty awesome.

In real life, I don't talk about it all that much to anyone but my mom and Jon.  I have a few coworkers I can say things to occasionally, but I'm trying not to talk about it too much.  Mainly because I don't want to be seen as "the pregnant girl" at work, but the woman who knows how to do her job.  That's really important to me.  

But because I don't have a ton of people to talk to IRL, I know I couldn't live without my Pumpkin Patch girls.  They are so awesome and I hope we all stay in touch after we have these babies!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Glucose Tolerance Test

If there has been one thing (other than "advanced maternal age" and "birth defects") that has struck fear into my heart during this pregnancy, it has been the Glucose Tolerance Test and the possibility of having Gestational Diabetes.  Mostly because I'm lazy and don't want to have to change my diet!  We had our fateful test on July 9.  The sugary drink was terrible - it tasted like Sprite without the carbonation and about 100 times more sugar.  I barely got it all down.  We had a regular doctor's appointment after that, and then it was to the lab for the blood draw.  As usual, they had a hard time getting a vein and by the time they finally got all the blood they needed, I was completely wired from the sugar and the anxiety.  Afterward, it was just a matter of waiting for the results.  I never did get the phone call, so I'm going to assume, now that it's 2 full weeks, that I passed and everything is okay.  I don't know what my number was, but if they haven't called by now, I'm assuming it was pretty good.  So that's another big milestone for the books and I'm thanking God (and my pancreas) that we don't have to do anything special for the next 11 weeks.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

28 Week Bump

And here it is: The 28 week Bump.  Seriously, can I get any bigger?  Yep, and I have 11 more weeks of getting bigger until I will stop expanding.  But the kid is healthy and active, so that's all that matters to me!  Only 17 pounds gained at the last doctor's appointment.  That seems insane, considering the fact that I'm eating everything I can get my hands on, but I'm not complaining.  :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

26 Week Bump

New House Edition!  This was taken on the 4th of July while we were cooking out for our parents at our new house.