Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I actually may have written about this once before, but I wanted to do it again.  Can we talk about perspective for a moment?  More specifically, a shift in perspective and what that can do for a person.  Because I'm learning that this is pretty much the key to staying happy with life.

I'm not talking about joy - that comes from a good relationship with God.  I'm talking about being happy with life.  Genuinely happy.  Because you can have joy but still be sad.  You can have joy but still be dissatisfied.  And that's where a shift in perspective is required.

I've been struggling lately with various aspects of being a stay at home mom - especially with a toddler who wants to test everything right now.  I have joy.  I even have happiness with my life and the way it is right now.  But I find myself becoming angry easily, frustrated more often, and upset about the smallest things.  A shift in perspective is required.  So I listened to this song, thinking about my personal journey and my life, and decided to make that shift.

So how do you shift your perspective?  Do you think about people who have it worse than you?  Do you pray?  Do you meditate on your blessings?  There are many ways to do it, and of course you should choose the one that is right for you.  I personally like to do a mix of these things.  I find if I take a moment to actually stop and think about my life and the good things in it, the problems I'm upset about tend to become very small.  I find if I take a moment to do something nice for someone in need, it helps me (maybe even more than it helps them) because I gain a new perspective. 

What is your perspective on perspectives?  (See what I did there?)