Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Nathan (14 months old)

Dear Nathan,

You are 14 months old and are continuing to amaze us every single day. What are you up to?  Pretty much anything and everything you want!  You love the dogs.  You like to sneak your food to them when you think we are not looking.  We always see you do it, though.  Never think we are not paying attention, because we always are!

You like to be tickled.  In fact, you will actually put our hands where you want us to tickle you and will laugh before we even start doing it!

You love Baby Einstein.  You ask for it by name.  The puppets are your favorite right now, but we play others for you too.  This is you watching Baby Einstein.  Check out that concentration!

Your eyes have not changed color yet - I think you may have these baby blues forever.  I was so expecting you to have brown eyes like your dad!  But your eyes are perfect, just the way they are, whether they stay blue or change to brown (or any other color, really!)

You are beginning to really try to communicate with us.  There are a few words that you can and will say, but not too many right now.  We're excited to communicate with you even more as you learn more words and can use them to tell us what you want.

Your favorite foods right now are cheese and bananas.  We can count on you to eat those even if you won't eat anything else.  And really, as favorite foods go, those are pretty good ones.  You don't really like being fed anymore, so we have had to get somewhat creative with food these days.  You mostly only want things you can pick up yourself.

We had your first real Thanksgiving, where you ate smoked turkey that your dad spent hours smoking on his grill and sweet potato casserole made without the eggs (just for you, we had a bigger one that had eggs in it for the rest of us - lol) and you really enjoyed the meal.  You had some green beans and other things too, but you really liked the turkey and sweet potatoes.  Evidence below... (you still need to get the hang of using a spoon properly)

You like to dance and you have started to sing.  And that, my love, is the sweetest sound in the world to your mommy.

And finally, two of my favorite faces from this month.  Sweet innocent baby and "oh no you didn't!"