Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dear Nathan (1 year old!)

Dear Nathan,

Words fail me.  They cannot describe how I'm feeling at this moment.  A year ago, you came into our lives, a sweet bundle of happiness.  You didn't do much those first few weeks - mostly slept, ate, and left us pleasant gifts in your diaper, but the thing you did was so, so very significant.  You made me a mother.  I thought I was a mother the moment I found out you were coming.  The whole time you were growing inside me, I considered myself a mother.  But I really didn't know what that meant until the day you came into our lives and cried your first cry in the outside world.  You were so sweet and snugly.  And you were ours. I could immediately see the ways you resembled your dad.  You had his chin, his cheeks, the way you crinkled your nose was the same.  I loved you even more seeing how much you looked like him.

You were this tiny, sweet person that we were both afraid we would break!  But as the days, weeks, and months went on, we learned how to be your parents.  And you learned that you had two parents who would do anything for you.  And I loved your dad more watching him with you.  He was so great with you - always making sure you were happy and safe.  I hope that made you feel secure and happy as you discovered your world.

And what discoveries you made!

I watched you discover your hands, your feet, your little baby boy parts!  I saw your first smile, heard your first cry, and held you close to my heart every day.

Now that this first year is done, I look back on it and know that I will never experience anything like it again.  A year of firsts, of sleepy days and sleepless nights, of crying and laughing and watching you grow from tiny helpless baby to the freight train you are today!  (and I mean freight train in the best possible way, I promise!)

You are a joy, and adventure, and a treasure, my sweet little boy.  I can't wait to see what you will discover next, what you will do with your second year on earth, and what lessons I will learn about being a mom to a toddler.  It's time to level up, little man.  And mommy and daddy will level up with you.

Level 1 complete - level 2 has just begun!

Love, Mommy