Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Word for 2010

Keeping with the trend set last year, I have a new word.

But first, a little recap of my 2009 experiences with the word I chose. It was passion. I decided I would live with passion and pursue my passions and have passion for everything I did. Know what? I did! Want to know something else? It was exhausting! But good. Amazing, really.

As a result of my commitment to allowing myself to be the passionate person I truly am, I spent the entire year being extremely involved with local community theatre. This was probably the largest part of my passionate journey, and certainly took the most significant amount of time. But it was amazing. I was able to stage manage, run lights and sound, direct a show, and act in two shows. As a result of all this involvement, I made lasting friendships and solidified other ones.

An unexpected result of living with passion was finding a church I really enjoy and getting involved there, both in small group and in the children's ministry. It has really been great being involved with the wonderful people there.

Another unexpected result has been that I've finally found the perfect person to really be passionate about. And that leads me to my chosen word for 2010.

So the word for 2010... (drumroll please) is LOVE.

I always try to keep love in mind when I am interacting with others. Jesus told us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Sometimes our neighbors are not our favorite people in the world, but we must still love them. And there are so many different kinds of love, and so many different ways to show it. I will spend this year showing everyone in my life how much I love them, and also showing love to others who come into my life only to stay for a short time.

So that's the word for the year, and I'm excited about putting this word into practice. This should be an amazing year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ug updates

23 days until opening night! I always get very excited at this point. Costumes are being finished, props are starting to show up. Headshots were taken this evening and bios were due before Christmas. I tried on my costume for the first time tonight and it's really cute. The fabric is so nice - very comfortable and pretty. I'll be the cutest cavegirl ever! Well, probably not the cutest, but certainly one of the best dressed!

We are off book now, which is always fun. Tonight we ran Act 1 twice, which means we left the theatre pretty late, after 10. I'm tired right now but can't manage to get to sleep. I think it's because it just hit me tonight how close we really are to having an audience and I'm starting to get nervous! Off book tomorrow night for Act 2. I think I've got it covered, but it's still making me a little crazy, as usual!

At least I have the week off from work. Plenty of time to study those lines, right?