Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: Who do you talk to?

Who do you regularly talk with and share your pregnancy details with? 

I am eternally grateful for the ladies online, in The Pumpkin Patch.  It's the October birth club that I found on a pregnancy website, and we even have a facebook group.  These are the ladies I talk to most about this pregnancy because I know they will understand and can relate.  We share symptoms and stories about our husbands and our lives.  It's pretty awesome.

In real life, I don't talk about it all that much to anyone but my mom and Jon.  I have a few coworkers I can say things to occasionally, but I'm trying not to talk about it too much.  Mainly because I don't want to be seen as "the pregnant girl" at work, but the woman who knows how to do her job.  That's really important to me.  

But because I don't have a ton of people to talk to IRL, I know I couldn't live without my Pumpkin Patch girls.  They are so awesome and I hope we all stay in touch after we have these babies!

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