Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One week and counting

The fundraiser is one week away. We had our final meeting tonight and it went really well. Tomorrow we are going to start packaging auction items. Other than that, there's a lot going on at work. I'm finishing up our quarterly newsletter and the annual report. And I have to design logos for two trucks and a van. Never a dull moment, I swear...

I've been thinking a lot about Summer's Blossom, the first Faithgirls book. It's a good book, I really believe that, but I think it needs some more work. So I've decided to work on it a bit before sending it back out into the world. I'm going to spend a month editing very carefully and researching publishers, and then I'll send it back out in June.

I really want to get back to the first Deadlines book. It's such a fun story. But I need to outline it first, because I can't go much further in the book without knowing who the killer is. I'd say that's pretty crucial information.

The second Faithgirls book is going to be about hurricane relief, and I think I might be ready to start thinking about it. Elisabeth, from Summer's Blossom, is the main character. I love this character and can't wait to see what her story is going to be. I have ideas, but these stories tend to write themselves, so it's going to be cool to see what happens.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy, hectic day... hopefully it will be over quickly.

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