Monday, April 24, 2006

Beauty in everything

Yet another rose pic from my day at the pier last week. Isn't it pretty? I was having a conversation with someone today about seeing the good in everything. It's something I've always done. Sometimes it gets me into trouble because I see the good in every person as well, and sometimes that can blind me to the bad. But only sometimes. I've become a little more cautious with people these days.

I was also thinking today that I have completely given up on my book, which is just a bad idea. I believe in the book and I think the story is one that needs to be told. So I'm going to start working on getting it published again. And another thing, I'm going to start writing something else. I miss writing so much!

Luckily, the fundraiser is almost over. A week from tomorrow is the big event, and when it's finished, I'll be able to breathe again. And then, I plan to make plans for a vacation to end all vacations. I'm thinking a beach and a book is the best option right now...


  1. I agree that you should not give up on your book. Shop that thing out. Don't give it up.

  2. Thanks! I'm going to do just that. As soon as my fundraiser is over, I'm jumping back into the research and finding more publishers who might want to read it. And my brain is just swimming with ideas for new stories...