Friday, June 24, 2005

"You've got to create your own personal vision statement"

So I was at this professional development workshop yesterday, and the motivational speaker told us to come up with a personal vision statement. Since she said that, I've been thinking about it. I need to start really listing my goals and I need a personal vision statement. A motto to live by. Something to hold onto during difficult times. Oddly, as I'm writing this, "Everybody Loves Raymond" is on, and Ray is talking about how he doesn't have any goals or dreams for his life.

So now I'm thinking about goals and dreams as well as personal vision statements. I mean, what's a personal vision statement, anyway?

Okay, so I googled "personal vision statement" and now I have an idea of what it is supposed to be, but I still don't know what mine should say. Basically, a personal vision statement should say where you want to be and what you want to be doing in the future. Basically, it's sort of the ideal for your life, but should also encompass the things that are already important to you that you have accomplished or are working on accomplishing. So I guess my personal vision statement would have to include several areas of life: personal, professional, spiritual, and social.

So let's break this down.

Personal: obviously I want to be able to feel good about myself. This would include physical apperance, mental and emotional health, and having things in my life that I can be proud of. I would like to continue working for causes I believe in, such as hunger-related and poverty-related issues. I would like to continue to support charities that mean something to me and would like to do more volunteer work.

Professional: I want to be a published author at some point. This summer, I will finish my first novel. I will write the last word before August 31. By September 30, I will be finished editing it and will send it off. I will be published before I turn 30. Professionally, I would like to continue learning all about the PR field, especially as it applies to working in nonprofit. I would like to get my Master's degree in Communication and eventually become a college professor. I'd love to teach PR and media writing classes. And speech. I think it would be a blast to teach speech. I really would like to be able to support myself as a writer one day, but I have plenty of other options, just in case!

Spiritual: I want to continue growing in my spiritual journey. I think it's important to always continue growing closer to God and gaining a better understanding of God's ways. I want to make sure that I always present a positive witness when I come into contact with people, so that they will know that being a Christian is cool! I want to be involved in some sort of ministry, which is something I've wanted most of my life. I'm just not sure what that is yet.

Social: I love my friends. I enjoy spending time with them and it's great to have people to talk to. I'd like a few more friends, though. Some Christian friends that I can spend time with. I would like to meet a nice Christian guy to be friends with and then to date, and eventually to marry. I want to have a child one day. It doesn't matter if it is a girl or a boy, I just think it would be cool to have someone running around who is a part of me and someone else.

So I guess that's a starting point to setting goals and writing a personal vision statement. I'd go futher and put them together to get the actual statement, but my fingers hurt and I'm going to stop typing now. Maybe later...

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