Monday, June 27, 2005

"You look so cute today!"

I've heard this about twenty times today. I bought some new clothes the other day, totally different from my normal style. I wore one of the outfits to work today and everyone seems to be surprised that I "look cute." It's amazing what a skirt will do. Maybe that's it. I never wear skirts. It's always suits with pants because they're just easier to wear. But I bought some summer skirts and tops, and it appears that they are working for me! It's strange.

Wait until they see the other new outfits I bought. I'm totally reinventing myself this summer. It's kinda fun, actually!

Edited to add:

Summer WriMo Summary:
Goal: 75,000 by August 31
Genre: Inspirational Romance
Working Title: Summer's Blossom
Word Count: 9,112


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    That's so awesome. Every time I say I'm going to try to dress nicely, or talk more, whatever it never works. I always end up chickening out.

  2. Ariel, you should do it. But do it for you, not for them. It really feels great!