Thursday, June 16, 2005

"Dear God, who was your dad?"

Favorite postcard of the night is above. Isn't that cute? I just love the way children's minds work. The fourth night of Bible School is now over and, as much fun as I'm having, I'll be glad when tomorrow night is over. I've missed having my evenings free. And I've got a ton of laundry I need to do but haven't had time to do.

So in other areas of life, my sister's mother in law is causing trouble again. I haven't posted about her because things have been relatively calm since she moved to New York, but this week she has been visiting and she really went over the edge last night. She woke my nephew up in the middle of the night and told him his mother was a trashy bit** and a liar. All this because my sister is helping her brother in law plan his wedding to a woman that his mother doesn't approve of. I swear, I could write a novel about this woman, not embellishing a single thing, and the publishers would say it was to far-fetched. It is literally unbelievable how crazy this woman is. Today, my sister went to get a restraining order (the third one they have had to get) and played some phone messages her mother in law left on her phone to the police. The messages were very threatening. It's not the first time she has threatened my sister. Before she got married, this woman threatened her life several times. They said she has up to a year to swear out a warrant if she wants to. She is going to do it if she violates the restraining order. My dad is over at my sister's house right now, changing the locks. It's just such a bad situation.

So anyway, that's sort of stressful for my whole family right now. But at least the woman is showing her true colors now, in a way that can be saved for evidence. She called my sister and left four threatening messages within about 30 minutes last night.

Okay, that's enough of that. I don't want to write about it anymore.

In fact, I'd better stop writing before I say something I shouldn't.

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