Sunday, June 12, 2005

"What's a goshito?"

Today I was preparing for Bible School. I'm teaching for the first time and my mom, who is a veteran Bible School teacher, offered to help me set up my room. Well, I always work better when I have music, so I brought some Christian CDs to play while we were setting up the room. A particular song by Plumb came on and I was enjoying singing along. About halfway through the song, my mother said "I know I'm going to regret asking this, but what's a goshito?" For a few minutes I didn't know what she was talking about. Then I realized what she was saying. The song we were listening to was called "God Shaped Hole" and the lyrics say, "There's a God shaped hole in all of us, and it's a void only He can fill." But she thought they were saying there was a goshito in all of us. She said she was worried about this because she didn't think she had one. She said she thought she must be abnormal because no one ever told her she had a goshito. I had to stop working for about five minutes because I was literally on the floor laughing. And the funny thing is, she kept telling everyone who came by my room about her misunderstanding. And of course they laughed too. I swear, she's the funniest person sometimes.

It's nice to have such a good relationship with my mom. I mean, I have a good relationship with my dad too, but my mom and I have gotten really close. It's nice, like having another friend.

Anyway, I just had to share that funny moment. Bible School starts tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it and I fear it at the same time. Since it's my first time, I'm sure it'll be scary and I won't be organized enough, but I also think it'll be a lot of fun. I'll report on how it's going throughout the week, if anyone out there cares! But for now, I'm out. There's a brownie in the kitchen calling my name!

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