Saturday, June 11, 2005

"Slowly but surely, things are improving"

Mel Showers, one of our local news personalities, just said that things are improving with the weather here. Actually, I haven't seen much bad weather at all. So much for Tropical Storm Arlene. Luckily, the tropical storm has not been much of a threat to us here in Baldwin County, but the fact that we are now having our first tropical storm just days after the hurricane season started is really not a good sign.

Basically, this storm has just been a bit of rain and some wind. No thunder or anything. Of course, tomorrow the rivers may flood, so it may not be over yet.

But things are okay right now. The news is talking about a 34 year old woman who was drunk and kept running into the water in Gulf Shores. She's been removed from the water and arrested. The worst part of the storm is, of course, the storm surge and the rip current that will cause real problems for anyone in the water. But people are stupid.

I hope she has fun in jail.

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