Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine..."

From a song in the Broadway musical "Rent," this quote makes me think about relationships. Don't we all have baggage? I think once you hit 25 or so, you've automatically gained a little baggage. It might be a carry on, or a little make up bag, perhaps a briefcase... but you've still got a little something you carry with you. It may be a massive rolling suitcase or a duffle bag, though. Some people don't want to have that much, but they are forced to carry someone else's. Sometimes, even when a relationship ends, you still end up carrying the other person's baggage for awhile. Which just seems wrong somehow.

So I guess the trick is to find someone whose baggage goes with yours, whether that means a person with lots of it looks for someone with only a little, or if it means people with lots look for each other because they know how to cope with it. And they can help each other.

But either way, at least they know what they are getting into. The most dangerous type of person is the kind who pretends they don't have any, but they end up having one of those military trunks full of ugly skeletons. I have a friend who just broke up with someone like that. There's nothing worse than a liar, in my opinion.

So in the airport of life, look at people's baggage. If it seems to go with yours, call for one of those cool little transport things they drive through the airport (they always seem to try to run over me, by the way) and throw your baggage on there together. Because at least if your baggage is mixed up, you can help each other carry it.

My baggage:
Trust issues due to nasty ex-husband's cheating
Self esteem issues (which I'm working on every day!)

So mine may be a bit more than a makeup bag, but a lot less than a military trunk. Perhaps a stylish carryon. A red one. No need to hide it. How else will I find the matching piece?

Summer WriMo Summary:
Goal: 75,000 words
Current Count: 8,693
Genre: Inspirational Romance

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