Monday, November 21, 2005


So I actually managed to make it to 40,000 words tonight. It's amazing when you're in the zone. I only have 10,000 words left to write now, and a four day weekend coming up. The story is still going well. I'm in the "falling action" stage now and it's literally downhill. Hopefully it will be as fun to read as it has been to write.

In other news, FOUR DAY WEEKEND! Oh, did I mention that already? Can you tell I'm excited about this? Well, just in case I'm being too subtle, I'll just say it straight out... I'm really excited about the four day weekend. I need the rest. Last week was crazy and I fear I'm starting to get a little bit sick, so it'll be good to have a few days to recover.

Anyway, it's time for bed so I'm going to close this post. I hope everyone out in NaNoWriMo land is making great progress. Only one week to go!


  1. Shoot me now... I've only got 22,552 words. I am hoping this week will permit me to catch up. I covet prayers to that end.

  2. Eduardo,

    You can do it! I actually wrote 10,000 words in two days a couple of weekends ago, so I know you can. You still have a week to finish your novel. If all else fails, put in a lot of dialogue. It produces so many words! And describe everything. You can remove some of it in the editing process if you want, but you can gain endless words by describing things.

    Good luck and I will pray that you will catch up this week!


    Thanks for the encouragement. You have been so great this month! And I checked your progress a couple of days ago and was very impressed. You're my inspiration!