Saturday, November 05, 2005

Okay, I lied...

I didn't make it to 10,000 words yesterday. In fact, I didn't write a single word. I actually went to bed at 8:30! On a Friday night! What's that about? I think it's about me writing until midnight three nights in a row this week and having an exceptionally stressful week at work. So now I get to spend today catching up. But that's okay, because I'm still ahead and the story is still coming to me in my head, so it shouldn't be too hard to write. It is obvious now that the hero and heroine now know they are mutually attracted to each other. I think from here on, it's just coasting. At least, I hope that's how it will work! There's an obstacle, the resolution of it, and then another obstacle and its resolution before they can be together, but I know exactly what I want to do with those, so it should be okay.

It's 1 p.m. on Saturday and I am going to start writing. I won't finish until I have 15,000 words. Or that's the plan, at least!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck. I'm probably not going to make it to 15k today. Maybe tomorrow. But I'm just feeling sort of laid back about it all right now--as long as my word count is increasing, I'm all good. :)