Friday, November 11, 2005

22,000 and counting

So I hit 22,000 today and I think I'm going to keep going for awhile. First, though, I think I'll play a game or something, just to give my brain a little break. Meanwhile, everyone make fun of what a loser I am for being at home on a Friday night, writing instead of out doing something fun with my friends. Unfortunately, all my friends are busy or unavailable right now, so I sit at home. I did it last weekend too. :( If the same thing happens next weekend, which happens to be the weekend of my birthday, I will be very upset.

I swear, sometimes life really stinks.

But that's not what I want to talk about right now. I want to talk about 22,000 words and more in my head, and I want to talk about the awesomeness that is my new computer! The keyboard is so soft that it feels like you're typing on springy, square-shaped clouds. I'm DYING to try it out on some kind of cool, 3-D graphic heavy game, but I can't do that right now because if I get involved in a game like that, I'll never finish my book. I'm going to go for 25,000 by the end of the day tomorrow, and 30,000 before Monday is over. Next week is going to be very hard for me, so I want to get way ahead so I can take a couple of nights off. I'm working late three nights next week (meetings and other "important" stuff) so I don't really want to get home at 10 p.m. and then try to write 1,667 words. Imagine how awful those words would be!

Anyway, I'd better get to my game and then work on some more words! I think I'll play Zuma. It's a great time waster!

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  1. True... very true. And you're right about it not being as crowded earlier in the week. My best friend and I usually go out on weekends, but sometimes when she has to work during the weekend we'll pick a week night to go see a movie, and it's so quiet!

    I will say this, I don't mind the word count I got last weekend as a result of having nothing social to do. And I'm not going to mind this weekend's word count either. One thing about having friends who are busy, who live in another town, or who are just unavailable... you get to boost that word count a lot!

    You know what's funny though? I have not ever felt that writing instead of doing something "fun" was a sacrifice. I enjoy writing, even when it's difficult to do. I guess that's good, considering that I want to do it professionally.