Tuesday, November 08, 2005

18000 words finished!

Well, I managed 2,000 words tonight, even amidst all the insanity that invaded my world today. Something very exciting is going to happen at work in the next few weeks. I can't talk about it right now, but when I can, I most certainly will. And I heard from my first intern tonight. She has a job and is taking the world by storm. We're going to have lunch one day this week or next. It should be fun. And she has agreed to be on my special event committee, so that's another great person to help! I'm a little nervous about the special event for 2006 because it will be totally in my hands, but I know how it's supposed to go and I have a very detailed event plan, so I'm pretty confident about it.

Work is much better this week than it was last week. There was just so much going on last week that I had a momentary stress attack. And to top off the work stress, my sister had some drama this weekend, so my family was pretty busy with that. But it's all better now!

The novel is going well. The hero and heroine are having their first date right now. They are in an Italian restaurant. I'm pretty sure a walk on the beach under the stars is next in line! So what if I am interjecting my favorite type of date into my story. That's okay, right? Right?? :)

Writing this romance novel makes me wonder if I will ever experience what my characters are experiencing. Is true love real? I look at my parents and I see that they have something very special, something that is forever. But then I look at all the people I know who have been married and divorced and I wonder if true love only happend back then, when my parents were young, and only happens now in stories written by people like me, who want to believe in it so much that they invent characters who do fall in love and whose love does last forever. I'm not giving up on it just yet, though. I feel certain there is someone out there for me. I just need a little help finding him, I guess! :)


  1. CONGRATS on the book progress...and I HAD BETTER HEAR SOME NEWS SOOON! NOW!

  2. Heh, you can put anything in your Nano novel--including your ideal date. My heroine and her possible love interest had a sort-of date and he acted like a heel. Then again, they're not going to have a normal relationship so...

    Anyways, glad to hear you're making progress. Looks like you're doing well compared to a lot of people during week 2.

  3. Yeah, I'm not having that much trouble with week 2. I've heard about a lot of people having trouble this week, though. I need to do a few more words tonight to make my goal, but it's just a matter of writing them at this point because I know just what's going to happen! yay!