Monday, November 21, 2005

What a weekend

Well, not much to report on word count. I'm up to 35,000 words, which means I'm 70% finished. Tonight I will try to up that further. I wonder if I can make it to 40,000 this evening. There's nothing good on TV, so maybe I can do it! The only problem is, I'm not really feeling well today, so that might be an issue when I try to sit down and write. I'm going to try not to let it be an issue, though, because I want to get ahead again.

This weekend was really good. My best friend took me to dinner and then to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She even bought me some jelly beans at our local Target to sneak into the theater. I got brave and picked the flavors I hadn't tried before, such as buttered toast and cream soda, in the spirit of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. They were all good, which was nice. And by the way, I LOVED Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! It was awesome. The kids are really growing up, which was most evident in the scenes where Ron was wearing a short sleeved shirt (you could actually see muscles on his arms) and Harry's hairy legs in the second task. And of course, little Hermione in the dress for the Yule Ball. She really looked great. They did a fantastic job casting her all those years ago and I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the upcoming movies between her and Ron. I absolutely loved Neville and Ginny dancing together at the Yule Ball. You can see a hint of what she's going to look like in a few years, when she finally steals Harry's heart, and it's going to be great! I really can't imagine how the casting people managed to pick the perfect kids for the roles, even as those kids are growing up and changing, just the way the characters would grow and change. It's amazing, really.

Anyway, enough of that. Saturday I took Noah to see Harry Potter and he loved it. He wasn't scared of Voldemort like I thought he would be. He just said Voldy was ugly and strange. I really loved Voldemort. He was just as I imagined him when I was reading the book. After the movie, we went shopping and I bought The Sims 2 for myself (for my birthday) and I'm having a great time playing it. Unfortunately, playing The Sims is cutting into my writing time, but I have to practice discipline. I keep telling myself over and over, "I will be finished with my novel by Nov. 30... I will be finished with my novel by Nov. 30..."

So that's pretty much it for the weekend. I should go now because my lunch break is almost over and I want to check my email before I have to get back to work. I'll post again later.

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