Friday, January 27, 2012


January 1 started our 3rd cycle trying to conceive.  Everything was pretty normal the first couple of weeks.  I kept charting so we could time things correctly, and while fertility friend only rated our intercourse timing as "good" I still felt pretty good about it.  This has been a difficult month for us financially with some unexpected things coming up, so we've both been pretty stressed.  But we still managed to do what we needed to do.  At 10 dpo, I took a pregnancy test.  It may have been positive, but I wasn't sure.  I didn't tell him until that evening, when he proceeded to dig it out of the trash to take a look.  He said he saw the line too.

At 12 dpo I took another one.  It was most certainly positive.  I took it in the morning but didn't tell him until I got home that evening.  He was really excited, despite being extremely sick.  In fact, a couple of days after we got our positive result, he was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.

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