Sunday, January 08, 2012

Church shopping - Week #1

We visited the Mobile campus of Bay Community Church this morning.  It's a nondenominational contemporary church.  They were so friendly when we walked in - greeting us and ushering us over to the special visitor's area, where we filled out some information and were given a gift.  It's actually a pretty nice gift - a logo travel mug.  I plan to use it at work for water.

The service was good.  Worship was lively but the music was a bit loud.  Praise and worship songs, most likely by Hillsong United (which I love) and some nice interludes of quiet and loud music and moments.  And then it was time for the sermon.  It was simulcast from the main campus.  This is the thing that turned me off.  I don't really like watching a sermon on TV.  I want the person to be right there so my feedback means something.

We will probably not go back.  Not because we didn't enjoy it, but because it's just not what we are looking for in a church. Jon was a little uncomfortable, I think, with the somewhat unconventional worship.

Next week, we are going to try a more traditional church and see how it feels to us.  It's actually kind of fun visiting and seeing how we like different places!

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