Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fitness Day 2

Calories Consumed: 1600
Calories Burned: 300
Water: 33 oz

Exercise was walking the dogs and 45 minutes of yoga and strength training via Wii Fit.  Stretching seemed to help my neck a little.  I'm hoping it will continue to help as I continue to exercise.

The goal is cardio every other day and yoga/strength training every other day.  This way, I get some activity every single day, but I'm not overdoing either one.  Of course, we will walk the dogs every day, so there will be a tiny bit of cardio each day.  Except for days when I have to work late and can't be home in time to walk the dogs, of course.

The yoga poses felt soooo good.  I haven't done it in so long that I wasn't very good at them, but they still felt awesome.

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