Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another sewing project

I used the same pattern as the first skirt, but used the mid-length rather than the short length.  Obviously, the short one is too short for me.  When I tried it on without the flounce at the bottom, Jon said he could see my backside!  So I won't be able to make the short skirt, but the short with a flounce or the mid-length will be fine.  So all I need to do now is the elastic for the waist and the hem and I can wear it!  I love this fabric.  We got it at Jo-Ann's on sale.  It was $13 for all the fabric I needed for the skirt and some extra, which I'm considering making a purse with bamboo circular handles out of to match the skirt.  I also have enough scraps to cover a headband if I choose to do so.  The first time we went into Jo-Ann's, the rack of Asian-inspired fabric caught my eye.  The material is beautiful and rich, and feels great.  It's hard to cut, but not too difficult to sew.  I do have to pin more than I have been because it slips a little, but that's okay.  I love how this skirt is turning out so far.  I'm excited about wearing it (and the other one, of course!)

This effort took about 2 hours last night, from cutting to sewing the last stitch.  What's left is putting in elastic for the waist and hemming the bottom.  I also want to do something to each seam so that the fabric doesn't fray past the stitches, because frays pretty badly.  I would hate for it to fray so badly that the stitches weaken and pop open while I'm wearing it!  :o


  1. That fabric IS gorgeous! I love Asian prints. I'd love to get a corset made out of one. About the short skirt, how would it look layered? Over another skirt maybe? I'm inspired to try layering skirts by Lovechild Boudoir, but they do it with their gypsy & petticoat-like skirts. I'm sure it doesn't work with everything, but layering skirts is something I'd never even thought of before getting into alternative fashion.

  2. You would love all the bolts of Asian print fabric I found at Jo-Ann's. I wanted to buy ALL of them! There's a gorgeous blue/black/silver print that I want to buy to make a dress one day.

    Layering skirts is an interesting thought and absolutely something I would try! I'll have to do some research and experimentation! I'm really digging this whole sewing thing. Making my own clothes isn't something I had ever thought about doing, but after doing theatre and watching the costumers work, I became fascinated!

    The great thing about this pattern is the base skirts are 3 lengths, and there are 4 or 5 flounces you can sew onto the bottoms of the different lengths, so even the short one can get a flounce and be long enough. Honestly, the short one is only too short because my butt is so big! ;)