Friday, April 13, 2007

yet another new thing

You may have noticed something a little different on one of my sidebars. There is a new section called "My Shop" and it is the only advertising I will ever do on this blog. I found this place online called Zazzle which sounds like a great concept. Tonight I used it to make some greeting cards from my collection of photographs. I really enjoy shooting sunsets and flowers. I know, I know... those are the most common things to photograph, but I just really enjoy those particular subjects.

I haven't tried any products from Zazzle, but I plan to order a few of my cards just to make sure they look right. I don't have any delusions that I'm going to get rich off my greeting cards, but it's just a fun little thing to do, and I can order them for myself, to send to my soldiers! Oh, and the site is having an Earth Day contest, so just for fun I made a designed and entered it. I think I'll even order a shirt with that design on it, because I like it so much. That's it for now. More tomorrow...

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