Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rehearsal was great!!!!

It was long, but so awesome! We started at 4 and ended at 10 with a 30 minute break at about 7. So yeah, it was a long rehearsal! The first two hours, we decided who would do what during the scene changes. For just choreographing it tonight, it worked great when we did the run-through later in the evening. At least, nobody ran into anyone else and nobody got hurt. So that's positive!

Another really positive thing happened when we gathered around for notes. It seems all my work at home has really paid off because the director really liked some of the new things I incorporated into my performance. I finally feel good about the character, which is a good thing, considering we'll have an audience in only a few days! Thursday, to be exact! Yikes! I feel like we're going to be ready, though. I really do.

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