Thursday, April 05, 2007

late nights...

It's still today for about 10 minutes, so I'm going to make this quick. Today was great! Really great. You know how you have really down times and then right after, it seems like everything just works out? That's what today was for me. I feel great about progress on the fundraiser (only 9 tables left to sell and then it's a SOLD OUT EVENT!!!) and I feel great about rehearsal tonight. I'm really starting to feel comfortable on the stage and with my fellow actors. Some of us went out after rehearsal and it was good to talk about who we are as people and how we see our characters. I loved it!

Things really seem to be coming together. This weekend, I'm going to solidify my lines, just to make sure I know them really well and don't have to call for them anymore. I also have to do dress rehearsal for my church's Easter production, which means I have to set up the video equipment and make sure the video I made for the production works properly. I love editing video, and this one was really a lot of fun to do. The choir hasn't seen the video yet, so the dress rehearsal will be their first and only opportunity to see what the audience is going to see while they are singing the songs. I think they'll like it. I spent a lot of time putting it together. The dress rehearsal is Saturday, right after the church-wide Easter egg hunt, and then the musical is Sunday morning.

Tomorrow after work I'm going back to Lane Bryant to see if they have something I can wear for Easter Sunday. I love buying a new Easter outfit! There's something on their Web site that I absolutely love and I really hope they have it in my local store. If they don't, I'll be so upset with myself for not ordering it weeks ago when I first saw it. I kind of hate that I have to shop there, but right now I do. However, if I keep dropping weight like I've been doing recently, I might not have to do it much longer! Oh right, I haven't mentioned that yet... I've lost about 15 pounds since the start of the play! It's all those rehearsal nights... I go straight to rehearsal after work and don't have dinner, and then when I get home it's too late to even think about eating, so I just skip it. I know, I know... not the most healthy way to lose weight, but it seems to be working...

And just to add to the mundane nature of this post, I'm considering getting my hair cut this weekend. Nothing drastic, because we still haven't decided what we're going to do with it for the play, but a trim or something. I really need a trim... I'm beginning to look like The Shaggy Dog or something.

Well it's officially tomorrow now... time for bed...

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  1. Sounds great. Theatre people are fun to hang out with.