Wednesday, April 11, 2007

exhausted.. but it was a good day

I've been having good days a little more frequently now. I think my attitude adjustment did the trick. I was letting the stress get to me for awhile there, and now I'm not. I just decided that it wasn't worth making myself sick and I wasn't going to let it happen anymore. That decision happened as a result of the advice from a few good friends, but also from personal experience. I know that I tend to get overly stressed about things, and I know that when I get to that point, I just have to step back and evaluate everything, and then I have to make the decison not to let it get to me. It always works when I do it, I just have to remember to do it!

Rehearsal was tough tonight. Everyone seemed a little unfocused and things just didn't fit together the way they should. I'm hoping tomorrow night's run will be better.

Work was good today. I had a lot of variety today, so that was nice. It's good to break up the fundraiser planning with other things, and that's what today was for me... a break from the fundraiser. Tomorrow I'll be working on it again, but today's activities were a nice change.

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