Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One more rehearsal!

Tomorrow night is our last rehearsal! Thursday is an invited dress rehearsal, so that means it'll be the first time we have an audience. I am so excited about this! Now that I've got the character down so well, I'm looking forward to the show opening. A few weeks ago, I was dreading it because I felt like I'd never get the character. I just knew I was going to suck onstage. But I don't know what happened, something really clicked. The last three nights have been great! Now that it's been three nights I can feel comfortable with it, knowing it's not a fluke or something.

So anyway, I'm really, really excited about the invited dress rehearsal and about opening night! I don't know if anyone is coming to see me, but that doesn't matter. I invited some people, but several of them are going to be out of town, one lives out of town, so it might be hard for him to get down here, and I'm fairly certain that Rhea isn't coming, since we haven't spoken in about two months. Some of my coworkers said they might come, but I think that was just them being nice, you know? My sister might come, which I think would be really great, but who knows if she will. But I don't care if anyone comes to see me. I'm just happy to be doing it, just happy to be back on a stage, doing something I've always loved.

Speaking of things I love, work is currently going great! I love when work is good, it makes life better. The Fundraiser is now sold out! I have a sold out event! Well, okay, not exactly sold out. I have some general admission tickets left, but I sold our last available table today. It's great knowing I don't have to worry about selling tables anymore! We have two weeks until the event and all I have to do is push the general admission tickets.

Okay, that's all for now. Bedtime!

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  1. Ahh, the buzz before showtime! Break a leg, you'll be great, I'm sure :)