Saturday, December 30, 2006

knitting obsession continues

I've officially lost my mind. This knitting thing is becoming an obsession. I went to a craft store today and found the prettiest yarn for what will eventually be a log cabin blanket (if I can manage to do it.) I got the idea from several places, but my major inspiration is from this site: January One. The picture doesn't do the yarn justice, I'm afraid. The blue, purple, and teal look the same here, but they really are quite different.

I also got this yarn for my mom's scarf. I now have yarn for Hannah, my sister, and my mom. I haven't decided if I'm keeping the one I'm working on or if I'm going to give it away. I know Rhea likes the colors, so it might be hers. I'm really excited about doing Hannah's. She's such a girly little girl, and she loves scarves. The pink, purple, and blue eyelash yarn will be perfect for her. I can just see her strutting around, wearing her new scarf. It's a cute picture.

Anyway, this is a growing obsession. I'm looking at knitting blogs too, it's amazing how many of those are out there. They are extremely valuable in terms of getting advice and new ideas. So if you have a knitting blog, please comment with your link so I can look at it!

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