Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two years after Hurricane Katrina

I was in Biloxi the other day, and it looked better, but there is still a lot of work to do. Not to mention the other towns in the area: Gulfport, Waveland, Pass Christian, New Orleans, etc.

Working at a disaster relief organization opened my eyes to the realities of what a storm can really do to a community, to a family, and to an individual. It is devastating. But do you know what else working in disaster relief has done? It revealed the inner strength of people to me. I have seen the most amazing determination in the faces of people who have lost everything. At a moment when I fear I would have given up, these people were helping each other so that they could all put their lives back together. This is why the communities affected by the storm will return better than ever. The people will see it through to the finish.

Today was not a day of sadness for me. It was a moment to remember the struggles and to applaud the people who are still there, still strong, and still rebuilding.

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