Sunday, August 12, 2007

Girl Day

Yesterday was "girl day." I called my sister and asked if I could take her daughter Hannah for a girl day. We were going to go see a "girl movie" but we decided to go shopping instead. (She's 5 years old, by the way!) When she becomes a teen, we'll do the mani/pedi day, but for now, shopping works. It's so fun to have a little girl in the family! Actually, it's fun to have both. The boys are fun in their way and she's fun in her way. I'll give my sister one thing, she did give us some variety with her kids! So anyway, we went shopping. She wanted a new necklace because the one she had got broken on her first day of school. She said she pulled too hard on it when she was scared to go to class. I advised her not to pull on the new one. It's a pretty silver chain with a blue butterfly pendant. Not expensive, by any means, because I think giving a 5 year old an expensive piece of jewelry is kind of insane, but she picked it out and she loves it. After picking out her "prize," she asked me if she could pick out something for her brothers. I was happy to let her do it. She picked out some Hotwheels cars for the boys, and then picked a package of stickers for each of them, herself included. As we were leaving the mall, she spotted a place that was selling fake flowers and asked if I would get one for her Nana (my mom.) She chose one and I bought it, of course. I have spoiled this child, I'm afraid! But at least her desires were for other people, not all for herself. I think that says something. Anyway, we had a lovely girl day and I'm sure we will do it again.

Next weekend is going to be a boy day, when I take Kohl (the youngest) to get ice cream and feed the ducks at the park by the beach. It's his favorite place to go. The weekend after that will be Noah's. I'm sure we will probably go see a movie of some kind.

We have rehearsal this afternoon. It should be interesting. I haven't seen them run the show all the way through without books yet, so I'll enjoy this one a lot. My mother came to the theatre with me this past Friday night to help paint sets. It was a lot of fun. I think she enjoyed herself. Is it odd that I like doing things with my mom? Oh well, I don't care if it is odd, I think it's great!

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  1. I ate lunch with my mom today and enjoyed it. Is that weird? Okay, it is... but it's my mom! ;-)