Wednesday, August 08, 2007

ring... ring...

All this time waiting for the phone to ring and today, it rang twice! I scheduled an interview and will call another back tomorrow to set up another one. The first is Friday, and I like the description a lot! I think it would be a great position. Very community oriented, very exciting and interesting. The other is just as interesting, though. This is actually quite fun!

Today was nice. A coworker asked me to help her with her public speaking. She feels uncomfortable speaking in front of groups, and since I don't have that particular problem, she asked me to help her. It was so much fun! We are going to do lessons and everything for as long as I'm there. I'm going to have her do a speech for me and some other coworkers once a week so that she can start feeling more comfortable doing it, and we're going to work on some key points like inflection and pronounciation. I'm also going to try to work with her on her nerves. She gets so nervous when she has to speak in front of people! I gave her some tips today and she said they helped, so that made me happy. Anyway, it's something I'm enjoying at work, so that's always good. I have a meeting tomorrow night, the fundraising committee. It's going to be the first meeting, so it'll be interesting.

School starts tomorrow and two of my sister's kids are going. Hannah in K and Noah in 6. They'll be in the same school, though, because it's K-8. It'll be good for Hannah to know that her big brother is in the same building.

Worked on Magnolia Tree today, but haven't updated the numbers. Will do that tomorrow, because I took an Advil PM earlier and it's starting to take effect.

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  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

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