Sunday, August 19, 2007

tech week

Okay, I'm just going to go ahead and give the excuse now. I won't be doing a lot of writing this week. I'll probably post regularly here, but not a lot of writing on the current projects. It's tech week, which means I'll be at rehearsal every night this week. Opening night is Friday! They finally let me play with the lights tonight and it was fun! The sound tech came too. It was actually quite funny because it was someone I had met previously... which I think happens a lot in community theatre, especially in a smallish community. I adore the family of friends that Hamlet has created, and even though I'm on the sidelines this time and am not as close to the actors as they are to each other, I feel sad that we will say goodbye in only two weeks. As with the last show and probably every show, it feels like we started only yesterday, but also that we've been laboring over this project forever. It has made me want to become more involved in the community of theatrical people in this region, which means perhaps trying out for shows in Mobile in addition to the shows here. I will always feel more at home at Theatre 98, though. There is just something special about that place that captured my heart and soul, and I know I will always belong there. But I'm sure the other theatres are special in their own way! Anyway, we only have 3 more rehearsals before the invited dress. The show is really looking great. There's one person who still doesn't know all his lines, which is disturbing, but I feel confident he'll have them down by the time we have an audience. The dynamic of this show is so different than Fuddy Meers. I don't know if it's because there's a larger cast, or if it's because the cast is considerably younger, but there seems to be more backstage drama.

Work has been pretty good lately. There's a lot going on right now, but that's the way I like it. Actually, I had a series of interviews for a couple of other jobs. I haven't heard from one and the other asked me to a third interview, but between the second and third, something changed my mind. Yes, I'm being vague! So, I respectfully declined the interview. I'm not so desperate for a new job that I'll take one that isn't right for me. In fact, I like my job a lot and leaving will be very difficult, unless it is the right position. Anyway, tomorrow will be a great day because I get to spend the whole day touring our new Jesuit Volunteers! They arrived tonight and will be spending a year in Mobile working for various social service organizations. They are always great people and I enjoy getting to know them. We'll tour their agencies and then we'll have lunch. After that, I'll do a quick driving tour of Mobile, then take them to the bank and to get groceries. After that, I'll drop them off at their house and then it's off to tech rehearsal. I might swing by the bookstore and pick up a hairstyle magazine to see what kind of haircut I want to get. I've been struggling with that decision for about a month now, and I'm really stuck. All I know is, it looks awful right now and I want to do something about it!

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