Sunday, May 20, 2007

scripts are great reading material

I went to a script reading committee meeting today. It was great! I brought several scripts home to read over and evaluate. I'm really enjoying reading over the different scripts. I can see how they would be staged in our little theatre as I read them, and it's really exciting. The president of the reading committee really wants to do Misery next year. I've read the book and seen the movie, and I started on the script this afternoon. It is so incredibly intense and scary! But here's something interesting. When we were talking about it at the meeting, I mentioned I would volunteer to be assistant stage manager or something, just so I could be involved in the show, and she said I should audition for Annie. I hadn't even thought about that before, but I kind of like the idea. Imagine playing someone that completely psycho. The thought is very exciting indeed.

We're having a little trouble picking a musical. There are some limitations that we have to deal with, mostly relating to space. The theatre is small, and because of the orientation of the stage it's a very intimate space. There isn't a lot of room for large casts, complex chorus dance numbers, or large orchestras. This limits musicals severely, I'm afraid. I would love to do Guys and Dolls, but I'm not sure it would work in the space. After the meeting, I decided to concentrate on musicals, since it's the thing we're having the most trouble finding. I found about ten musicals that sound good and emailed them to the head of the committee. I hope she likes some of them!

Besides Misery, I'm going to read a play called 100 Lunches and one called The Clean House. I don't know anything about them, so I'm looking forward to reading over them and seeing what they are all about. I'm also reading The Honky Tonk Angels, which is a musical. This is so much fun! I'm so glad I'm able to be a part of this committee, to make a contribution to the arts in my community. This is a step in the right direction for me. Getting involved in things is a good step.

Reading all these scripts is actually great research for Script Frenzy, since I've decided to write a stage script. And we all know how much I love research!

Tomorrow should be pretty good. Work is getting better now that the fundraiser is over. Things have calmed down considerably and now I can start on some projects I've been wanting to start. I have a grant to finish tomorrow and then another one to start before I leave for my vacation. It's due two weeks after I get back, but I want a good headstart on it before I go. That's one thing about vacations, you have to work so hard to get ready for them and then you have to catch up when you get back! Oh well, it will be totally worth it to have some relaxation. Speaking of vacation, only 19 days until we leave!

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