Friday, May 18, 2007

crochet? no way!

All my online knitting buddies keep talking about crochet. All the tutorials I've read and watched say it's easier than knitting. Are they kidding??? I tried last night. I really did. But for some reason, I can't seem to wrap my brain (or my yarn) around crochet. I can do a chain, but that's where it ends for me. The chains are rather cool all by themselves, I plan to give one to Hannah to wear as a bracelet, lol. But I wanted to try something different and I had this crochet hook just lying around, and some extra yarn after finishing a scarf, so I gave it a shot. I'm hoping it will be like knitting was for me at first. I had a really hard time with it in the beginning, but now it's easy. Of course, I'm still learning new knitting techniques, but feel like I've really mastered the basic stitches and have even moved on to some more difficult things. But crochet... it just escapes me. Hopefully as I keep trying it will get easier. You know me... always trying something new.

Wrote a few more pages on Under the Magnolia Tree last night. The story is getting more and more interesting. (interesting meaning bizarre) I might have to change some things. I found a couple of publishers who focus on Southern fiction. I'm going to do some research to see if they might be a fit for this story when it's finished. Of course, that's after extensive editing! I did some research for the FaithGirls series last night too. I wanted to see if there were other publishers I could query and I found a few. I'll be getting that package ready to send out in the next couple of weeks.

21 days until my summer vacation. Yes, I'm counting down!


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    hello...........crochet is way easier 'cause you use just one hook and not two needles, and because you can lose only 1 stitch at a time not a bunch and haveta start over

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I find crocheting so much easier than knitting. Knitting still drives me nuts -- yes, I know, short drive.

    One of these days, we have to have a Fiber Retreat -- I'll work with you on crocheting, and you can work with me on knitting.

    And we can write and drink wine in between.


  3. Deal! I can't think of a more relaxing and fun way to spend time.

  4. when i was about 10, my aunt tought me and my sister to knit, then i left it alone... a few years later i taught myself how to crochet and made a baby afghan for a friend and a large bed-sized one for myself... months ago i tried to re-learn how to knit and found it so hard... for me, but maybe not for others, crocheting is easier, but i hope you enjoy your knitting... sometimes i wish i could knit

  5. I agree: Crochet, No Way.... I have knitted since I Mum taught me at the age of about 7 upwards... That's over 40 years now... but do you think I can get a grip on crochet... I have tried and tried so many times... I have finally mastered the chain, the single crochet stitch and now the double crochet stitch.. This has taken me a long time.. I don't know why, but for some reason my brain too, has trouble comprehending how to follow a crochet pattern... and it's not for the lack of trying... but I will not give up, as I am determined to learn to read and follow a crochet pattern. I know it is a lot quicker than knitting and that is one of the reasons I wish to learn... Also I love the look of crochet items..They are beautiful...
    Crochet..Here I come!!! lol