Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting to Know You Day - Create A Connection

Today's Getting to Know You question is: If you could have a redo moment in your life, would you do it and what would it be? Not changing history drastically-it's all just a what if.

My only "what if" is something that would have changed history dramatically (at least my own history!) My redo moment would be the day I chose to go to college locally instead of going to New York to follow my dreams. I stupidly chose to go to a local school because my boyfriend (who later became my husband, who later became my ex husband) was going there and I couldn't stand the idea of going somewhere far away from him. When I look back on my life, that is the one regret. I didn't follow my dreams when I had the chance. Who knows how it might have turned out? I might have been accepted into a performing arts program somewhere and I might have had a nice career in theatre, or I might have spent several years auditioning and not getting any parts. But either way, I would have tried and then I wouldn't have that one regret today.


  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    My regret is not keeping up with high school friends and relatives.

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I did the above post.