Thursday, May 31, 2007

the Frenzy begins tomorrow...

I've got my character descriptions, my outline, my format, and my coffee ready! Tomorrow morning I will wake up an hour earlier than usual so that I can write before getting ready to go to work. My brand new coffee maker will be helpful, since it has a timer I can set. The coffee will be ready for me when I wake up, which is always good! Tonight when I get home, I'm going to do a test to see how long it takes me to write the required amount of words in script format. That will give me an idea of how much time I need to dedicate to writing each day. I thought an hour in the morning and then an hour in the evening would be sufficient, and then of course I have my lunch hour at work. I think three hours a day is pretty good, although I know I won't need that much time to write the required amount of words. But this is about getting into a routine more than anything, and I want to really work toward that. If I want to have any success as a writer, I have to get into a routine of writing every day, not just blog posts, but actual work on my WIPs.

My horoscope today said this:
The solar system is shifting gears today, dear Scorpio, and it is liable to trigger a great transformation that will last seven months. The change will center on the means you use to fulfill yourself, in terms of both your career and your love life. If you feel somewhat hemmed in by your training or your upbringing, you can expect to seek liberation from these inhibitions in the months to come.

I find that very interesting. I could actually use a transformation, something to shake things up. Although it isn't career or relationship focused, my involvement with community theatre is certainly shaking things up. I certainly find it fulfilling. Perhaps this renewed commitment to writing will also shake things up a little. Actually, I'm sure it will.

So here's to transformation! I hope it doesn't hurt... :)

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