Friday, May 11, 2007

reading, writing and other stuff

I've been reading more lately, which is a luxury I didn't allow myself while I was doing the play. I'm actually reading Hamlet again right now, because the theatre is doing it in the fall. I know I'm not really right for the limited female roles, but I want to be involved somehow and it makes sense to know the play, even if you're not going to be on the stage. I'm thinking of volunteering to be assistant stage manager or something. I'm still waiting to hear from the leader of the script reading committee about which plays I can read. I found a great forum for people in community theatre and there were some interesting suggestions in the messages, which got me even more excited about helping to pick next year's slate.

Another thing I've been doing lately is writing!!! I actually got back to it about a week ago, and I feel so much better about everything! For some reason, writing just makes everything all right. I get very stressed and tense when I go a long period of time without writing. So I worked a little on Under the Magnolia Tree. The 50,000 words for NaNo last year were not enough. It's looking like it will be more like 75,000. Some crazy things are happening in the story, and I love it! I did some character work on my Script Frenzy piece. I think the title is going to be Tightly Knit. My basic plot so far involves six women of various ages who come together through a knitting circle. They form friendships and learn more about each other, and as they do they find that each one has some kind of secret. One woman's secret could end her life, especially if her new friends don't intervene. Anyway, the plot isn't fully formed yet, but that's the basic idea. I actually drew a diagram of the stage, which was cool.. made it seem more real, you know? I'm excited for June to start, because I'd like to start working on this story. But for now, I'll work on finishing Under the Magnolia Tree.

Work was pretty good this week. It was a long week, for some reason. I'm actually going in tomorrow too, for our National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive. It's the only Saturday I have to work out of the entire year, and I like it that way! This food drive is so important to us, and it's always a fun day, so I don't mind going to work at all. I usually spend most of the day walking around taking pictures of everyone volunteering, and watching out for the media so that if they come I can give them press releases and find someone to talk to them. Our executive director is usually the one who goes on camera, so if he's there I'll get him to do it. It's a really big deal for us, but unfortunately two big things are happening in the city right now that might trump our food drive. A new steel plant was just announced in Mobile, so that was on the news all day today and will probably be on the news all day tomorrow. Also, a hotel is opening tomorrow in Mobile. Not just any hotel, though, this one is a renovation of a very fancy hotel (the hub of Mobile's social activity in its day) that closed about 30 years ago. The Battle House Hotel is just one of the projects that will hopefully revitalize downtown. From what I saw on the news this morning, it looks absolutely beautiful. Mobile needed something like this. Now if we get that second cruise ship and some of the other interesting projects that are being discussed, Mobile might actually be a cool place to live after all! I do hope we are going in that direction, because it really is a nice location - near the water, nice weather, great people - and all the wonderful small towns that surround Mobile have so much character! One day very soon, I'm going to take a photo tour of Fairhope so I can share its beauty and character with everyone here. Maybe that can be my project next Saturday. I do love projects!

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