Monday, August 14, 2006

Well, it's over

So the interview was today and I think it went well. Actually, I'm pretty horrible at figuring these things out, so sometimes I think things went horribly and they actually went well, and sometimes I think they went well and.. you know...

But it went better than I expected. The people were very nice, the office seemed like a nice, relaxed atmosphere, and I got good vibes from everyone. A good office environment is very important to me, so getting a good vibe was comforting.

I had lunch/dinner with Marcus afterward and was totally bad.. pizza and cheese sticks and soda (oh my!) But everyone needs a cheat day every now and then. Plus, it was the only thing I ate or drank all day, so it still stayed within my calorie range. Not the best use of those calories, but oh well! Still managed to do my 2 miles for the day, although I didn't really feel like it at first. I'm extremely tired and really just want to go to bed. Since I spent a good portion of the morning being tense about the interview, it's no wonder I'm exhausted now.

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