Wednesday, August 09, 2006

serious about the weight thing

So since my experience over the weekend (which I purposely didn't blog about because it involves a devastatingly cute and charming guy chatting me up so his friend could meet and get to know my best friend, who is tall, thin, and beautiful) I decided I need to put more effort into myself. I'm always saying I need to go on a diet and get more exercise, but I don't do anything about it. And then today I went shopping and tried on some clothes. Such a depressing thing to do when you are over a certain size. When did I start having to shop exclusively in the "woman" section?? I don't know how or when that happened, but it's not going to be a permanent thing.

So I jogged (yes, jogged) a mile tonight. It wasn't a fast jog, but I did burn some calories and I feel pretty great! I'll do 15 minutes of yoga tonight, and then tomorrow I'm going to start getting up early and doing at least a mile before getting ready for work. It's time to get serious about this.

So anyway, I bought some cute shirts and some jewelry. Not expensive jewelry, just some cool stuff to go with my boho skirts that I love so much. I don't even care if the skirts are not in style anymore, I crazy love them. They're so comfortable and they actually look decent on me, which is pretty hard to find these days. I wanted to get some shoes, but I have way too many pairs of shoes already! Bev is always telling me that I should buy clothes instead of gagets, and I guess she's right. I could buy a new outfit from every paycheck if I didn't buy so many DVDs, CDs, and other "stuff."

In three months, I'll be 30 years old. I want to be healthy as I enter this new phase of my life, and now I'm ready to work hard at it.

Well, it's time to work on After the Storm. As the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, and as we plan commemorative events at work, my mind is flooded with memories of that horrible time. These memories are fueling the story more than I ever imagined they would. But in a way, it also makes writing the story more difficult. But I am determined to work on the story at least a couple of hours a day, so here I go!

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