Tuesday, August 08, 2006

exciting news

I have a job interview next Monday. It's a step up. A pretty big step up, actually. It's a director's position, and I feel like I'm totally ready for that kind of challenge. It's odd, because I really like my job, but I know there's nowhere for me to go in it. The only two higher positions I can have here are Development Director and Executive Director, and the people who hold those positions are not going anywhere anytime soon. If I am offered this position, I will be sad to leave the family I have grown to love here, but I will be excited about getting to know new people and learning a new position. This job would completely change my life. I would move to a new city (a new state, actually!), get involved in community activities there, make more money, and have a new job with more responsibility. Happily, the new city is still near enough that I can visit my family when I want and it is still near water, so I wouldn't have to compromise that. In fact, it's actually closer to the water, which is great!

So everyone out there, cross your fingers for me. This is a great opportunity and I'm beginning to really hope it happens!


  1. Plus hello the greatest thing about the new city....ME! You know that my goofy butt would keep you entertained...LOL. I am routing for you on this one and you know I am trying to find any strings i can to give you a leg up.

  2. hey, anything that helps would... help... lol

    Oh, and I'm counting on you to keep me entertained if I move there. You're the only person I know who lives there right now, so you'll need to show me around and stuff.