Sunday, August 21, 2005

Unexpected delays

Well, I've had to stop writing for the time being. My laptop is currently at the Laptop Hospital, having surgery. It fell off the table where I keep it and something bad happened to the place where the power cord goes into the computer. I'm so hard on things. I need to be more careful. So anyway, I'm losing about a week in my writing, so obviously I won't be finished by the end of August. I'm considering extending my self-made deadline to September to give me enough time to finish. That'll give me October to edit before November's new challenge begins. So anyway, that's my progress (or lack of) on the book. Sometimes I wonder if it'll ever get finished. But it will. I'm going to make sure of that! So as soon as I get my laptop back I'll be starting again. Chapter six is almost finished, and my outline is so detailed that it shouldn't take too long to fill in the blanks and finish the book. And then comes the easy part... getting published. *that was sarcasm, by the way!*

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