Sunday, August 07, 2005

I (heart) LA!

Yeah, I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I guess I've just been busy. The big news is, my vacation to LA was awesome! I really had a great time. This first pic is of me with Roger Ebert's star on the walk of fame. Since I fancy myself a movie critic, I thought it was appropriate to pose with "thumbs up" beside his star. Plus, he's my favorite critic.

The next picture is of me and Rhea posing with the handprints of Frank Sinatra and Julie Andrews. She's beside Frank and I'm beside Julie. This was, of course, right in front of the Chinese Theater where all the hand and foot prints are. It was crowded that day, but we had a great time identifying the prints of our favorite celebrities.

And of course, who can go to LA without snapping a pic of the famous Hollywood sign. We actually drove around for about an hour before we were able to get a good vantage point from which to shoot this photo. I had to walk in front of the Scientology Celebrity Center to get this picture. It was creepy. Speaking of creepy Scientologists, while we were in LA, we were approached by three different Scientologists trying to get us to take their tests or inviting us to a free exhibit of L. Ron Hubbard's life. We politely declined, of course, but it was still very strange.

So overall, our trip to LA was a blast, and I would go back and do it again in a heart beat. One thing I loved about LA was the dry air. Here in the South, the humidity is so high that it's nearly impossible to breathe, but out there I could take a breath without struggling at all! So I liked California a lot and wouldn't hesitate to go back anytime.

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