Wednesday, August 10, 2005

F4 a fast, fun ride

I went into the movies expecting a mindless bit of fluff, a typical comic book movie, and hopefully a decent introduction to characters I knew nothing about. You see, although I enjoy comic book movies, I've actually never opened a comic book in my life. Except for the one Superman comic that my 9 year old nephew left in my car one time. And I only really glanced at it. Really. ;)

Anyway, I felt it was a good introduction and a lot of fun. And I also found it was a little deeper than I expected, especially in relation to the character "The Thing." I enjoyed his struggles with the change in his apperance and what its implications were to his life, and especially his relationships. Not that a movie always has to carry some universal message, but it helps when there is some kind of wisdom to impart, such as accepting who you are as well as accepting change when it happens to you.

Basically, the film begins with a set up on how they became "fantastic." There was an accident in space, of course, and instead of killing them, it allowed them to develop unique and interesting abilities. The rest of the movie involves four of the five learning to use (and in one case, really enjoy) their new talents and banding together to foil the evil plans of the fifth member of their crew, who changed into something less "fantastic" than the others.

In the end, everything works out well and good conquers evil, which is a given, and they set things up perfectly for a sequel.

My perceptions? It really was a fun movie. I enjoyed it. Oddly, though the female members of the audience were supposed to be attracted to The Human Torch, I found myself thinking Mr Fantastic was just adorable. Torchie was cute too, though. lol

Anyway, my nephew loved it and I thought it was pretty cool. It was a great popcorn movie and if you haven't seen it, you should check it out when the DVD comes out.

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  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I liked your review, very fair and unbiased. Especially enjoyed your nephew's viewpoint. Btw, though I love comics I really didn't expect to like F4 that much and did so it's nice to see 'regular' people liked it too. Nice review.