Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wedding Weekend Recap: Saturday

Jon and I woke up at 6:30.  We got the lasagna ready and in the oven.  This was actually a pretty fun activity - we love cooking together.  When they were ready, we took them out of the oven and put them in the refrigerator to take with us later.  It was time then to take the dogs to the vet to be boarded for the next couple of days.  We took them down there and said goodbye, and then got breakfast from McDonalds for us and our house guest.

While eating breakfast, I called the tux place to make sure Jon's tux was ready for him to pick up, and then paid for it over the phone so I could go ahead and get to the theatre.  We loaded some stuff into my car and I drove to Fairhope.  Jon and Russell got Jon's SUV loaded then and came after me.  When I got there, Chris was already there, as was Michelle, one of my awesome theatre friends.  She's the one who did the head pieces for the wedding, and she's a master gardener, so she was there that morning to plant some flowers and bushes around the grounds of the theatre.  She set up the head pieces in the dressing room and they looked gorgeous!

We got right to work, first unloading stuff from my car.  Nicole arrived and asked what I planned to do with my hair color - because we had talked about that previously.  I told her I hadn't had time to do anything yet, but that I had a box of hair color that I was planning to use the next morning.  She was having none of that.  She called Timothy, our friend from theatre, who happens to be an awesome hairdresser, and got me an appointment for later that day.  She even paid for it, which was so nice of her!  I had Timothy match my roots and dull the reddish color I had put on there previously.  He also put in some highlights, something I've never had before.  It looked so nice!  My hair took two hours, so by the time I got back, the arch was decorated, the tables were in place and pretty much finished, and people were attending to minor details.  Jennifer and Chris worked on the arch while I was gone and I think it turned out really beautiful!  We had freshly-cut ivy, lights, blue flowers, a big bow, and six peacock feathers!  They made it beautiful and became friends too!

Jonne Thornton, another theatre friend, had set the lights and instructed Rob (my brother in law) on how to use the light board and the sound.  Jon and Rob ran through the lights with me, and it all looked great.  My mom had also practiced her song a few times and felt more comfortable.  She had previously asked if she could sing it from the light booth because there was a microphone up there, but I really didn't want her to have to do that.  She did it without a mic at all, on the stage where she belonged!

We put the finishing touches on everything, and by that time it was time for the rehearsal.  People started arriving for that, and we got started.  We talked through what was going to happen, then we walked through it once.  Then we went through it with the music, but the timing was wrong.  I had everyone do it again, only slower, and that worked much better.  After making sure the timing was okay with the processional, we walked through the rest of the ceremony, spotting minor problems along the way and correcting them.  It went very well and I was really happy with almost everything - the lights were a little off - they didn't light enough area.  Luckily, Jestina (who did our wedding video and knows everything about theatre tech!) arrived and fixed the light plot to give us some more light in the important spots!

After we finished with the rehearsal, we brought in tables and chairs to have the rehearsal dinner.  We served homemade lasagna, (that my mom took home and warmed up prior to the dinner) salad, cookies, and various drinks.  We all sat down to eat and enjoyed some time together.  We gave some gifts out to the bridal party and parents, and then we finished dinner and just relaxed for a bit.  We removed the tables and chairs and finishing up some final touches for the next day, some of us went over to McSharry's, a local Irish pub, for a low-key, co-ed bachelorette party.  It couldn't have been a better evening.  We all just sort of hung out and chatted.  So many of our friends didn't know each other, so it was cool to watch them interact and get to know each other.  They are all friends on facebook now!  lol.

I stayed with my parents that night, so after spending a few hours out with friends, I drove over there.  I slept in my old bedroom that night "for the last time as a Havel" as my mom said.

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