Monday, October 17, 2011

Journal Topic: Who Would Play Me?

I have always wanted _______ to play me in the movie about my life because

I'm loving these topics recently!  So much fun!  The actress I would choose to play me in a movie, assuming I couldn't play myself, would be Drew Barrymore.  One reason is because I'm often told I resemble her in some small way.  I can see it, especially in this photo.  But another is because we talk similarly, if that makes sense.  We form our words the same, and our voices are similar in quality.  I love when she plays dorks, like in Never Been Kissed, because that's when she's the most like me.  :)  But I admire her free spirit and her "who cares what everyone else thinks" style.  I love that and wish I could be more like that sometimes.  Oh, and we're nearly the same age, so that would work out well too!


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