Monday, October 03, 2011

At the top of the roller coaster

So here we are, at the beginning of the Wedding Month. I feel as if this event has taken over my entire life, and I'm not really sure what is going to happen when it's over. I know one thing - I plan to do some detailed blog posts about planning a Shakespeare-inspired wedding so that if someone else ever decides to do what we did, they will have some info to use as inspiration! We have had to do so much of the research ourselves! (Okay, so that was one of the fun parts of the planning process, I won't lie.)

As a huge fan of roller coasters, I love to use them to describe the anticipation of a big life event. I feel like the past 6 months or so, we've been standing in line, getting into the car, and making the slow climb toward the first drop. Right now, I feel like we are waiting on the top of that first hill, sitting in the first car, just waiting for the drop. Final details are being taken care of, people are doing their RSVPs by phone and through our website, and parties/showers are being planned. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. Part of me wants to go to sleep tonight and wake up on October 28 (the start of our Wedding Weekend) and another part of me wonders if I will have enough waking hours to do everything I need to do as it is. I think that's pretty normal, but not really a consolation when I wonder if I'm going to finish the wrap I'm making and the bouquets and about a thousand other tiny details!  I will say this: the decision to do things ourselves has paid off Big Time.  We have saved thousands of dollars on flowers, food, etc, by doing it ourselves rather than hiring professionals.  In fact, the only "wedding professional" we actually hired was a photographer, because I wanted to be sure we had great photos.  After all, in this world of digital photographer, blogs, twitter, and facebook, the motto is "pics or it didn't happen!"

So this begins our roller coaster ride.  We will start the descent into the first drop of the coaster on October 28, and will finish the ride completely when we get back from our honeymoon on November 4.  Maybe then life can get back to normal!  But for now, I'm going to enjoy the anticipation and the final days of planning.  Because this is the last wedding I'll ever have, and I couldn't be happier about every detail!

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